Graph Drawing Contest 2019: First and Second Prize

Two submissions of graph layouts from the Algorithms and Complexity Group were successful in the 26th Graph Drawing Contest, which was held in conjunction with the 27th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD) in Průhonice near Prague in September 2019.

PhD students Guangping Li, Soeren Nickel and their advisor Martin Nöllenburg from the Algorithms and Complexity Group together with their colleagues Hsiang-Yun Wu and Ivan Viola from the Visualization Group of TU Wien won the First Prize in the category "Creative Topics: Meal Ingredients". In this category the task was to visualize a food network consisting of 151 international recipes with almost 300 ingredients. Their submission "World Map of Recipes" was computed by a new multi-level force-based algorithm originally developed for visualizing and untangling complex metabolic networks in biology. Both types of networks share many structural similarities. The background flags and the legend were added manually to the final design.

The First Prize winners (from left to right): Hsiang-Yun Wu, Martin Nöllenburg, Guangping Li, Soeren Nickel and Ivan Viola (missing). The Second Prize winner Markus Wallinger.

In the category "Creative Topics: Marvel Cinematic Universe", Markus Wallinger, a Master student in the Algorithms and Complexity Group, won the Second Prize for his metro-map-style layout of a network of 28 characters and their co-occurrences in 24 Marvel superhero movies. It was created by combining the layout algorithms currently under development for his Master's thesis with some manual postprocessing.

Winning layout in the category Meal Ingredients. Second Prize layout in the category Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Congratulations to the award winners!