Winner of the PACE’19 Competition, Hypertree Width/Exact

Our solver htdSMT submitted by André Schidler and Stefan Szeider achieved the first place in the PACE'19 competition for the Track Hypertree Width/Exact.

PACE'19 is the 4th edition of the Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge,  which was conceived in Fall 2015 to deepen the relationship between parameterized algorithms and practice. Implemented algorithms are submitted and ranked by their performance on a large set of benchmark problem instances.

PACE'19 had three tracks: Vertex Cover, Hypertree Width/Exact, and Hypertree Width/Heuristic. Our algorithm HtdSMT came first in the Hypertree Width/Exact track.

The award ceremony took place on September 13, 2019, in Munich, as part of the ALGO'19 meeting.

André Schidler and Stefan Szeider with the award certificates. Photo by Mihaela Rozman/VCLA.

PACE'19 award ceremony at ALGO'19. Photo by Bettina Ulrich.


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