Successful Graph Drawing Contest for our students

Two teams of TU Wien students from the Master's course "Graph Drawing Algorithms" taught by Martin Nöllenburg and Fabian Klute received awards for their submissions to the 25th Graph Drawing Contest, which was held in conjunction with the International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD) in Barcelona in September 2018.

In the category "Creative Topics: Game of Thrones" the task was to create a layout of a network of 84 characters and their relations from the popular TV show "Game of Thrones". From a strong competition of 18 submissions the jury awarded the 2nd prize to the schematic layout produced by Marian Amann, Philipp de Col, and Markus Wallinger and the 3rd prize to the circular layout designed by Velitchko Filipov, Davide Ceneda, and Michael Koller with the help of Alessio Arleo and Silvia Miksch. The winning layouts were selected for their aesthetic appeal and their clarity of the information display.

The 2nd prize winners with their advisor (from left to right): Philipp de Col, Markus Wallinger, Marian Amann (missing), and Martin Nöllenburg. The 3rd prize winners with their advisors (from left to right): Alessio Arleo, Velitchko Filipov, Davide Ceneda, Michael Koller, Martin Nöllenburg, Silvia Miksch, and Fabian Klute.

Both student teams designed their layouts as part of the exercises of the "Graph Drawing Algorithms" course in the summer term 2018 and then submitted their refined layouts to the contest.

2nd prize layout 3rd prize layout

Congratulations to our successful students!