Services and Infrastructure

Last modified: 2024-01-19

provided by TU Wien/


There are several Accounts for employees and Accounts for students for different services at TU Wien.
You will get a TUaccount which allows you to set and change passwords as an employee or as a student for these services.
You have to set a password for upTUdate there to access your email account and you have to set a password for your Network Account to connect to TUwlan and TUvpn.
There is also a list of the mapping of Services and passwords for employees and for Services and passwords for students.


This list shows only some highlights, for more information visit

provided by 3rd parties:
* ACOnet Filesender as an alternative to Dropbox and other file sharing services not located in the EU. Upload (to trustworthy server located in austria) up to 100GB and send link per mail
* Termino as an alternative to Doodle.

provided by Algorithms and Complexity Group


Requesting Accounts

  • AC Account (ldap) for
    • SSH Server
    • GIT
    • mattermost
    • SVN
    • webdav
  • Mail account
  • Website account
  • Workstation local account
  • Presentation Notebook(s) shared user account


SSH Server (access to home1, submit host for cluster) (access to home1, submit host for cluster) (access to homea,home1) (access to homea,home1)

Git & mattermost


Mailing lists/aliases

Internal Pages



You have a local account on your workstation. (access to home,homea,home1)

Presentation Notebook(s)

Some presentation notebooks have a shared user.


Compute Cluster
access to home1 only
login/submit hosts:
server with gpu:


/homea,/home1: except paths with the string "_noacbackup_" in it (without quotes).


  • /home1 (5GB for students, 100GB for staff)

Printing Room/Secretary

  • sylvester @ printing room
  • tweety @ secretaries office


  • airplay mirror/chromecast/hdmi