Soeren Nickel wins the Distinguished Young Alumn Award

Soeren Nickel, who recently joined the Algorithms and Complexity Group as a PhD student, won the Distinguished Young Alumn Award at the 29th EPILOG event of the Faculty of Informatics. With this award the Faculty of Informatics honors Soeren's outstanding Master thesis "Generating Stable Demers and Iso-Hexagon Cartograms" as well as his excellent EPILOG presentation.

Martin Nöllenburg, Awardee Soeren Nickel, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Stefan Woltran, and Dean Gerti Kappel. Photo credits: © Amélie Chapalain

Soeren's thesis, supervised by Martin Nöllenburg, presents algorithms and complexity results for computing value-by-area square and hexagon cartograms to display spatiotemporal data as a highly abstract map. It has already been presented at the International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD) 2019.

Congratulations to Soeren for this prestigious award!