Research Collaboration with MedAustron on Radio Therapy Scheduling

One of the most advanced medical centers for Ion Beam Therapy and Research in Europe is currently being built in Wiener Neustadt: MedAustron. The radiation therapies applied will use protons and carbon ions for cancer treatment. The first patient treatments are planned in 2016. In the full operational phase up to 1,200 people per year are expected to benefit from the international first class medicine offered by MedAustron.

Scheduling patient treatments with their large number of individual tasks and specific requirements in order to best utilize the available resources and treat patients as soon and smoothly as possible is a huge challenge. The Algorithms and Complexity Group collaborates with MedAustron in the development of advanced scheduling algorithms and their software implementation to fulfill these needs and to give as many cancer patients as possible a new opportunity.

Within the Algorithms and Complexity Group, Prof. Günther Raidl is leading this research effort.




(Images courtesy to MedAustron)