47th International Symposium on

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

August 22—26, 2022, Vienna, Austria

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Registration and Information Desk

Location: On the 1st floor of the MFCS venue.
Opening times: Sunday evening during the welcome reception and Monday 8:30 to 12:30.
MFCS hotline (if information desk is closed): mfcs2022@ac.tuwien.ac.at and +4917696668704.


On the 1st floor of the MFCS venue, Mensa. Lunch vouchers can be found in your goodie bag.

Technical Information for the Speakers

Each lecture room is equipped with a presentation laptop, and with an MFCS staff member who can help with setting up the presentation. The presentation computers can read and display PDF and PPT(X) files. The presentation computers are connected to the internet. Speakers using their own computers will be provided with HDMI connectors.

Presentation schedule

Duration of presentation: 20 minutes
Time for questions and turn over: 5 minutes

Contact: Stefan Szeider (mfcs2022@ac.tuwien.ac.at)