Time (CEST) Tuesday, July 6th
15:00-16:00 Jie-Hong Roland Jiang: A Sharp Leap from (D)QBF to (D)SSAT (invited)
16:00-16:20 Priyanka Golia, Subhajit Roy and Kuldeep S. Meel: Program Synthesis as Dependency Quantified Formula Modulo Theory
16:20-16:40 Noel Arteche and Montserrat Hermo: Prime Implicant Enumeration via QBF Solvers
16:40-17:00 Break
17:00-18:00 Randal Bryant: Dual Proof Generation for Quantified Boolean Formulas with a BDD-Based Solver (invited)
18:00-18:20 Irfansha Shaik and Jaco van de Pol: Classical Planning as QBF without Grounding
18:20-18:40 Olaf Beyersdorff and Benjamin Böhm: Understanding the Relative Strength of QBF CDCL Solvers and QBF Resolution
18:40-19:00 Olaf Beyersdorff, Joshua Blinkhorn, Tomáš Peitl: Strong (D)QBF Dependency Schemes via Implication-free Resolution Paths